A Brief Look at Two Different Lighting Fixtures That Can Be Used in Your Home

linear lights

Linear lights are one of the newer forms of home lighting on the market, and they can do a lot to improve the look of your home. In fact, if you are thinking about installing lighting in a room or hallway, chances are good that you have looked at some linear light units already. If you haven’t, however, you may be missing out on the many advantages that these innovative lights offer. Read on for more information!

Find A Quick Way To A Brief Look At Two Different Lighting Fixtures That Can Be Used In Your Home

LINEAR LIGHT: The first advantage to be gleaned from linear lights is their simple design: they are easy to install, generally inexpensive, and are available in both incandescent and fluorescent types. Lineal fixtures are also referred to as stream lights, because they use two or more long bulbs in an array, each of which projects a distinct color of light. In addition, most line units have a “warm” color tone that illuminates a whole area, rather than just one section. These types of lighting fixtures are typically used in hallways and large living areas, where general hanging visibility is needed.

UL LIGHT: One of the more popular uses for linear hanging light fixtures is their ability to provide the kind of ambient lighting that makes a whole room seem warm and inviting. This effect is commonly achieved through use of pendant lights, recessed lighting, and other ambient accent products. Because the light emitted by these fixtures is bright and clear, they are great for illuminating things like tabletops, bookshelves, foyers, and other reading areas. The addition of ceiling lights that use these types of light fixtures can also help to create a more dramatic ambiance in the room.

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