Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

With rising energy costs, harsh Wisconsin winters and tighter building code requirements getting your house or commercial building insulated with spray foam is just smart. Properly installed insulation can reduce your energy bills by up to 20% or more.

When compared to fiberglass batts or cellulose, spray foam insulation is significantly more effective at keeping heat in during cold Wisconsin winters. The reason is that spray foam is extremely dense, filling in small cracks and crevices, and creating a solid barrier against air movement. This keeps your heating and cooling system from working overtime to keep the indoor temperature at a comfortable level.

Another benefit of spray foam is that it does not absorb moisture. This means that unlike other types of insulation, it does not promote mold growth and fungus. Mold can cause a lot of damage to your home or business and is unhealthy for you to breathe in. Spray foam also helps to reduce allergens like pollen and spores that enter your home or commercial building.

Expert Insights: Understanding the Science Behind Spray Foam Insulation in Milwaukee

Lastly, unlike other types of insulation, spray foam is very durable. It can withstand high winds, heavy snow, and other outdoor weather conditions that can impact the performance of nonspray foam insulation.

Spray foam installation is a fast and convenient process. After a thorough inspection of the area that needs to be sprayed, the crew will remove any existing insulation in the attic or crawl space and install new blown-in insulation or a new vapor barrier if needed. Then the crew will run a hose from a large truck-mounted rig that has specialized nozzles to spray the polyurethane. This rig has a high-tech computer inside that ensures that the proper mix of foam is being sprayed and that it is the correct temperature no matter what the outside temperature is.

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