Best Way to Burn Fat

burn fat

Getting into the habit of drinking green tea, for example, can help you burn fat according to research. It contains caffeine, which may boost your metabolism. Moreover, green tea also contains antioxidants, which might enhance the fat-burning process.

Another study showed that drinking water can cut your body weight by 4.4 pounds (2 kg) over a year. Similarly, swapping out caffeinated drinks for calorie-free beverages can help you lose more fat.

The body’s afterburn effect, or excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, helps the body burn off stored fat. When you exercise, your cells pull fat out of your fat cells, using it as fuel.


The process of breaking fat into usable energy is referred to as adipogenesis. The process starts when your adipocytes, or fat cells, become enlarged. When they do, your body releases hormones that signal fat cells to produce fatty acids. Then, those fats travel through your body to reach target cells.

The best way to burn fat is through a healthy diet and consistent exercise. Choosing a plan that matches your lifestyle can help you get into the habit of eating and moving in a way that will help you lose weight.

You’ll want to keep track of your food intake and monitor your calorie intake through the use of apps or a food diary. It’s possible to calculate your calorie needs by doing some math. You can also work with a registered dietitian to customize a diet plan to suit your lifestyle.