Butterfly Valve Triple Offset

butterfly valve triple offset

The butterfly valve triple offset , also known as the three-offset butterfly valve, has evolved over the years and continues to advance as a top choice for many industries. It is a quarter-turn valve that offers bubble-tight shutoff and low torque operation. Its design makes it ideal for abrasion and corrosion-resistant applications. It also helps with easy installation and requires less pipe bracing than other types of valves.

Unlike the traditional butterfly valve where the center line of the valve seat and disc is perpendicular, a triple-offset has an inclined conical geometry that creates a right-angle cone shape on both the disc and valve seat sealing surfaces. This unique cam-like action reduces friction between the metal components and allows for repeatable performance over time.

Precision Engineering: Exploring the Inner Workings of Triple Offset Butterfly Valves

This unique design, combined with a durable hard seat and laminated seal ring, delivers bi-directional zero leakage even in gas applications. It is highly tolerant to dirt, making it an excellent choice for wastewater, and domestic and industrial applications.

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