Choosing a Light Summer Blanket

A light summer blanket is ideal for those who prefer to sleep with a lightweight comforter but find themselves needing a warmer option during the hotter months. These blankets are made of breathable fabrics and feature open-waffle weaves that wick away moisture and regulate body temperature to keep you cool and comfortable.

Which type of blanket is best for summer?

Choosing the right summer blanket isn’t just about weight; it also requires considering fabric type, color and weave. The most common cooling fabrics include cotton, linen and bamboo, each of which provides a variety of benefits and breathable properties.

If you’re looking for a more eco-friendly option, consider this Buffy Organic Eucalyptus Cooling Blanket, which features eucalyptus fibers sourced from renewable forests. The eucalyptus absorbs excess moisture, keeping you cool and dry while providing airflow to your skin. Check this out :

The perfect combination of comfort and environmental sustainability, this blanket is a natural choice for a variety of bed sizes. It’s machine washable and has no chemicals or dyes, making it safe for all ages.

It’s a versatile blanket that works well with multiple mattress sizes, including twin, queen/full and king. It is oversized to fit most beds and has tonal satin borders for added style.

A cool, breathable summer blanket helps you fall asleep easily and wake up refreshed. It also prevents you from sweating and drenching your sheets, which means you can enjoy a good night’s sleep without having to crank up the A/C.

This Parachute Everyday Linen Quilt is a dreamy blend of 100 percent cotton on one side and Japanese Arc-chill Cool Technology Fabric on the other. It comes in three chic, understated colors and fits up to a king size bed. Many buyers swap their heavier winter blankets for this lighter option in the summer, citing its soft, supple feel and cozy appearance.