Feminized Autoflower Seed

Feminized autoflower seeds are a great option for the grower who wants a fast harvest. The plants will automatically start their flowering phase after a set period of vegetative growth, and without any action on your part to change light schedules or irrigation patterns. They’re also short, which means they work well for indoor cultivation and help you stay within your state’s home-grow limits. They’re also mold-resistant and tend to have a shorter life cycle, which makes them more resilient to factors like temperature changes and insect infestations.

Seeds of Empowerment: The Rise of Feminized Autoflower Strains in Modern Cannabis Cultivation

They have lower tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) levels than photoperiod strains and are less demanding in terms of water, nutrients, humidity and other factors. They’re easy to grow and can be cloned, which allows you to keep your favorite strains and take as many cuttings as you want. However, they’re not as versatile or as powerful as the best photoperiod feminized seeds.

The average time from seed to harvest for a feminized autoflower is 8-12 weeks, which means you can get multiple harvests per year. The yields can range from 50 g – 300 g of dried buds per plant, depending on the strain, growing conditions and other factors. Some of the highest-yielding feminized autoflowers are Royal Gorilla, Sweet ZZ and Fruit Spirit, which can produce some of the most potent smoke out there. They’re a great choice for the beginner or advanced grower who is looking for a quick and rewarding harvest.