Give Your Eyelashes A Dramatic Makeover With Eyelash Extensions Springfield

If you want to give your eyelashes a dramatic makeover, you can try lash extensions springfield. These semi-permanent lashes are applied one by one on your natural lashes. They are an excellent alternative to invasive cosmetic procedures and are also a great choice for formal events.

Are eyelash extensions waterproof?

There are three types of eyelash extension: classic, volume, and hybrid. The first is the classic lash, which is glued to a single natural eyelash to add extra length and fullness. Another type is the volume lash, which comes with multiple lashes to create a more dramatic look. The third is a hybrid lash, which is a 70:30 mixture of classic and volume lashes.

The eyelash specialists in Springfield are trained to apply a variety of lashes and provide a personalized experience. They can provide custom design and multiple material options, such as synthetic silk and mink, to help you get the lashes you desire. They can also educate you on how to care for your lashes for a long-lasting appearance.