How Does IP Lookup Work?

IPQualityScore IP Lookup Lookup is a tool that enables marketers and sellers to identify fraud risks by checking an IP address against a database of millions of high risk patterns. The tool also helps to verify user data such as email and phone numbers. SEON offers both manual and API searches with different pricing options based on the number of checks performed.

How does IP geolocation lookup work?

SEON provides a wide range of information about an IP address including country, proxy status, connection type (TOR, VPN, etc) and ISP details. It can detect and flag suspicious behavior including bots, chargeback fraud and fake app installs. Its matching technology also identifies the device and location from which an individual is logging in to a website or app. It also provides a confidence score for each IP indicating the likelihood of malicious activity.

Other important information includes whether an IP address is a known TOR server, which is often used by malicious users to hide their true IP and location. The tool also reveals if the IP address is a residential, corporate or data center network. Its reputation is based on its neighborhood and whether many addresses in that area are categorized as being associated with abusive or fraudulent behavior.

The API provides a real-time lookup and can be deployed to run a check upon an event such as a click or form submission. It is also compatible with other SEON modules such as device fingerprinting and email/phone verification.