How Does Spider Cherry Picker Booms Work?

The most commonly used off road forklift is the spider cherry picker. This small and easy to handle piece of equipment has become known for its strength, maneuverability, safety and ease of storage. The best feature about the spider cherry picker is that it can be operated with just one person. Although it is very easy to use, the price is one of the lowest because of its unique design and construction. There are many different types of lift truck available in the market today; however the spider lift truck is still considered as a pioneer in the industry.

Answered: Your Most Burning Questions About Spider Cherry Picker

The spider cherry picker normally has three working boom panels that determine the maximum height and reach that the picker can attain. The top boom that is attached to the rear body of the picker can reach a maximum height of 7 meters, this height is not much when compared to other cherry pickers that can go up to 15 meters in height. The second boom that is attached is known as the inboard boom and it is responsible for lifting and storing the vehicle; this boom is also portable. The third book is called the outboard boom and it is used to transfer the vehicle from the ground to the trailer or to a semi-trailer. All these three working boom panels of the spider cherry picker have an effective stroke capacity of 400 kilograms per hour.

The strength and the size of the booms used on the spider pickers are measured in cubic meters and they are made from either aluminum or stainless steel. The strength of these booms depends on the weight of the load that is placed on them; this determines the speed with which they move. If the load is light, then the speed is low but if it is heavy, then the speed of the boom is increased. It is advisable to buy a cherry picking vehicle that has the maximum number of boom booms.