Large Canvas Prints

If you’re in the market for something larger than your average print, our large canvas prints are just what you’re looking for. These oversized prints are perfect for high-definition photos, or images that will be viewed from a distance. The textured surface of the canvas adds dimension to your image, giving it a more finished gallery look than traditional paper prints.

What is a canvas print?

You’ve probably seen these large canvas prints in restaurants, retailers, and corporate offices. They’re a great way to create an eye-catching display for your brand or tell a story about a meaningful moment in time. They’re also a great alternative to framed art and photography, as they have a modern look that provides a dynamic visual impact without the price tag of traditional framing.

Our most popular size, 16”x20” photo to canvas prints work well on their own or as part of a group in a gallery wall. This size is great for close-up portraits, landscapes, and other natural scenes.

We recommend using high-resolution images to ensure your artwork turns out sharp and clear. Using a digital photo file that is too low in resolution can cause the print to appear pixelated or blurry. For best results, we suggest using a photo that is at least five megapixels in size.

Our large canvas prints come with a pine stretcher bar, which is the skeleton that makes up the backbone of your gallery-wrapped print. You can choose to have the bars left white or dress them up with one of our premium frames.