Natural Perfumes – Are They Safe?

Natural perfumes are the kind that is made from essential oils and plant extracts and are non-toxic or organic. They provide a refreshingly natural smell, unlike those scented body wash and deodorant products that have synthetic ingredients and chemicals that can be harmful to humans. Many natural perfumes also have other healing benefits like pain relief, and help treat respiratory problems. In many cases, they can even help relieve the effects of some diseases.

How to Know About Natural Perfumes

natural perfumes

The ingredients used in natural perfumes are generally fragrance oils from plants, but sometimes incense is also added to the mixture. These plant extracts are infused with the fragrance oils of the plants and are combined into a blend to create the fragrance. In many cases, the oils are distilled or purified from the plant extracts to create the fragrances. The perfume oils from plants can have a fresh, earthy scent, whereas synthetic fragrances tend to smell more artificial and woodsy. The scents can also come in a variety of different fragrances, including fruity, floral, and soap fragrances.

Rose perfume, for example, uses rose oil as the main ingredient in its creation, along with other plant extracts, and several other scents. This makes rose perfume one of the most popular natural perfumes on the market. Other natural perfumes use ingredients such as lavender, jasmine, and cedar leaf as their main components. These ingredients are combined in a blend to create a fragrance that is highly sought after and used in many different types of personal care products. There are even natural fragrances available for commercial use in skin care products.